Photo of Lysanne Lessard by Mélanie Provencher
Photo of Lysanne Lessard by Mélanie Provencher
Lysanne Lessard
Lysanne Lessard

Looking for a supervisor?

I am currently looking for students interested in pursuing projects or theses closely related to my research project IAF-KISSA (Intentional Architectural Framework for Knowledge-Intensive Service Systems Architectures). This involves understanding the domain of knowledge-intensive service systems, learning how to model KISS using various modeling languages (e.g., UML/SysML, URN, Systems Dynamics Modeling), and conducting computational or empirical studies. 


I am also open to supervising students wanting to pursue their own projects in the area of service science, management, engineering or design. The application domains of particular interest to me are knowledge-intensive business service engagements (e,g., R&D, outsourcing, engineering services), and healthcare.


I can supervise or co-supervise in the following programs at the University of Ottawa:
MSc in Management

MSc in Health Systems /
PhD in Health Systems

MSc in E-Business Technology / 
PhD in E-Business

MSc/PhD in Computer Science


À noter que même si le contenu de ce site est en anglais, vous pouvez faire votre thèse en français sous ma supervision.


For more information, contact me at

Research Interests

  • Knowledge-intensive service systems
  • Health systems
  • Service system management and engineering
  • Conceptual modeling, in particular: Agent- and Goal-oriented Modeling and Systems Modeling
  • Requirements engineering
  • Design Science Research


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management in Ottawa, Canada. My research centres on service design. In particular, I focus on producing new models and methods for the design, transformation, and evaluation of knowledge-intensive services such as professional services, research and development services, and healthcare services. The ability of these services to create innovation and value is not being maximized because current service design approaches do not adequately factor in their unique characteristics. It is thus important to create new models and methods able to lead to processes and information and communication technologies (ICT) that are aligned with the functioning, actors, and context of knowledge-intensive services. 



Contact information

Telfer School of Management

Desmarais Building

55 Laurier Ave. E.

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada, K1N 6N5


Bio page on Telfer website

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